Materials – Garlock Butterfly Valves


Housing materials

It is standard practice that the housings of the Garlock valves and fittings are manufactured from high-quality ductile cast iron (EN-JS 1049). Depending on the intended use, however, other materials, such as cast steel (1.0619) and stainless steel (1.4581) are also available. All housings are manufactured and inspected in accordance with the specification of the pressure equipment directive.


Depending on the intended use, a selection of lining materials is available. To provide reliable seals, PTFE is available in several versions. All lining materials are manufactured by specialists and inspected comprehensively. Your contact for Garlock products will be happy to assist you in selecting the suitable material.


The disc is also available in different materials depending on application. All discs are manufactured by specialists and inspected comprehensively.


Each valve is tagged with a stainless steel plate. All information such as dimension, serial number, type, materials, operating pressure and temperature, flange connection and certification are engraved.

Materials – GYLON® Style 3522

Exclusive to Garlock, the GYLON® Style 3522 PTFE Diaphragm material is a time proven product, made using a proprietary process which optimizes quality and uniformity. Using the best available technology this material offers the longest cycle life in the industry, and continues to outperform all competitive materials. With a world class molding facility, we can make products to meet all of your requirements.


Reduced Void Content (see Diagram 1)

» Less permeation
» Reduced potential for cross-contamination of process media
» The use of thinner material which reduces material costs and creates energy savings

Void Content (Diagram 1)

Increased Flexibility (see Diagram 2)

» More time between changeovers
» Decreased labor and documentation costs
» Improved equipment reliability and life
» Increased product uptime
» Energy savings through increased equipment efficiency
» Protection of downstream equipment

MIT Flex Endurance (ASTM D2176) (Diagram 2)

Typical Applications

» Metering pumps
» Dosing pumps
» Diverting valves
» Aseptic valves
» Double diaphragm pumps

Material Properties

» Compressibility 20-25%
» Temperature Maximum +260°C (+500°F)
» Pressure 55 bar (800psi)
» Recovery 50%


» FDA Regulation 21CFR177.1550
» 3A Standard
» USP Class VI Chapter 87 & 88
» USP Part 31, 281 and 661

Conformity & Certificates

All processes have been defined through our ISO 9001 quality assurance system. The system is regularly reviewed and constantly developed. Quality, service and flexibility of the highest order are standard requirements we impose on ourselves and all our suppliers.



» 2014/68/EU
» TA Luft / VDI 2440
» EN 61508 – SIL
» EN 14432 (MOBILE-SEAL)
» EG 1935/2004
» ISO 15848-1 AH

Experts & Services

Our experts are application engineers as well as sales engineers. All are highly trained and can discuss and debate the requirements of your applications with you professionally and expertly and advise you on the way to the best fitting sealing solution.


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