Sealing Solutions for Pumps & Valves

Here is a brief overview of solutions for applications for pumps and valves – butterfly valves, diaphragms and compression packings. Consultation with our experts will always be beneficial when dealing with a more complicated application.


Butterfly Valves – For corrosive and abrasive media


GAR-SEAL valves are used extensively where corrosive, abrasive and toxic media needs to be reliably controlled. They are typically
used for accurate control, throttling and shut-off duties in the chemical, petrochemical, chlorine, paper, electro-plating and many other industries. GAR-SEAL butterfly valves offer reduced maintenance requirements and increased operational reliability.



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Operating Instructions

Installation instruction in 6 languages | (English | Deutsch | Français | Español | Italiano | Nederlands)

Case Studies

GAR-SEAL® – Chemical processing of titanium dioxide pigments | (English) | (Deutsch)
GAR-SEAL® and GYLON BIO-ASEPT® – Chocolate processing | (English) | (Deutsch)


Certificate TA-Luft ISO 15848-1 | (Deutsch)

FOOD SAFE - EC1935/2004, EC 10/2011 conformity

Valves Liner | (English) | (Deutsch)


Butterfly Valves – Garlock Website | (English)

Diaphragms – For industrial and sanitary needs

GYLON® Style 3522

Exclusive to Garlock, this time proven product is made using a proprietary process which optimizes quality and uniformity. Using the best available technology GYLON ® PTFE diaphragms offer the longest cycle life in the industry, and continue to outperform all competitive materials.


Your solution for sanitary applications in air operated diaphragm pumps. For years the industrial ONE-UP® pump diaphragm has been the first choice for the most demanding industrial applications. We are now introducing the new GYLON ONE-UP® for the most demanding sanitary applications.

Garlock ONE-UP®

Chemical resistance is the property that makes Garlock ONE-UP ® pump diaphragms so versatile. Suitable for use with most chemicals and in elevated
temperatures and pressures, these diaphragms are ideally suited for those general service pumps that are likely to be put to one use today and another use tomorrow.



Diaphragms | (English) | (Deutsch)


GYLON® Style 3522 | (English) | (Deutsch)

Case Studies

Diaphragms in GYLON® Style 3522 – UHT dairy plant | (English) | (Deutsch)
Diaphragms in GYLON® Style 3522 – Dosing pumps | (English) | (Deutsch)
GYLON ONE-UP® – AODD | (English) | (Deutsch)
Garlock ONE-UP® – Production of resins | (English) | (Deutsch)

Certificates GYLON® Style 3522

Declaration of Conformity FDA | (English) | (Deutsch)
Letter of Conformance - Animal Derivates Ingredients - ADI | (English) | (Deutsch)
Declaration of Conformity - Phthalate free, Bisphenol free | (English) | (Deutsch)

DIN EN 13555

GYLON® Style 3522 - 2mm


ONE-UP® Brand Page – Garlock Website | (English)
Diaphragms – Garlock Website | (English)

POWERPACK – For applications in solar power plants


POWERPACK 1220-MS (Molten Salt) is designed for the lower temperature applications in the solar power plants around 450°C. The packing set combines SYNTHEPAK temperature resistant performance fiber with an oxidation inhibitor and a THERMa-PUR® insulation ring.

9020-HMS / 9021-HMS

POWERPACK 9020-HMS / 9021-HMS (Hot Molten Salt) is designed for the higher temperature applications in the solar power plants up to 585°C. The packing design combines two Garlock „Cup&Cone“ technology sets with a high perfomance valve stem packing rings and THERMa-PUR® insulation spacer rings



Compression Packing | (English) | (Deutsch) | (Polska)


CMP 212-ULE Packing Set | (English)
CMP 1303-FEP Braided Packing | (English)
CMP Engineering set with Cup & Cone design | (English) | (Español)
CMP Molten Salt application in the solar power plants | (English)
CMP Overview about the sample case | (English)
CMP Style 5906 for Food and Pharma Applications | (English)

Case Studies

POWERPACK 9021-HMS and 1220-MS – Solar Power Plant | (English) | (Deutsch)
POWERPACK 9020-HMS, 9021-HMS, 1220-MS – Valve Manufacturer for Solar Power Plants | (English) | (Deutsch)


CMP Style 5904 | Letter of conformance FOOD SAFE - EC1935/2004, EC 10/2011 | (English) | (Deutsch)
CMP Style 5906 | Letter of conformance FOOD SAFE - EC1935/2004, EC 10/2011 | (English) | (Deutsch)



Compression Packing – Garlock Website | (English)

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