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GYLON BIO-LINE® and GYLON BIO-LINE® PLUS offer approved sealing materials for high temperatures and demanding processes.

The modified and restructured PTFE of the GYLON BIO-LINE® as well as the restructured PTFE of the GYLON BIO-LINE® PLUS are well-proven in the industries to meet all these criteria since many years. Not only  providing safe and economical processes but also optimizing stock keeping.

GYLON BIO-LINE® and GYLON BIO-LINE® PLUS are superior in dimensional stability. Elastomeric seals always tend to extrude from connections due to mechanical stresses from vibrations and misalignment. The elastomeric ability to compensate misalignment at mounting is a widespread misbelief. In fact compression stress distribution gets unbalanced resulting in increased tension and extrusion on one side and a loss on the opposite side. Extruded elastomeric seals create dead spaces that impair the cleaning and sterilization. A contamination threat of subsequent charges through residues on the sealing material is a consequence. GYLON BIOLINE® and GYLON BIO-LINE® PLUS seals remain flexible, tight and flush with the pipe bore even under high loads.

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