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The customer is focused on developing and manufacturing machines for the food industry. A special feature of this company is that each machine is manufactured according to the individual needs of their customers. This is done according to the latest state of the art and in compliance with the highest hygiene requirements.


The product range of the manufacturer covers food mixers and meat processing machines, processing plants, temperature control machines, cooking systems and emulsifyers. Many foods are a mixture of different high-quality raw materials. In order to mix these raw materials ideally, the technology has to be adapted to the corresponding product. For this purpose, the customer can fall back on a large portfolio of food mixers with different mixing speeds, machine sizes and mixing tools.

Challenges faced

The seals in their highspeed mixers have to be resistant against speed, temperature and sticky products. FDA and EC1935 compliance have encouraged the manufacturer to look for a solution with Garlock for all mixing and processing machines.

Operating Conditions

1. Produced Media: food and beverage (meat, fish, convenience, vegetarian, cheese)
2. Cleaning Process: CIP- and SIP
3. Speed: up to 2700 rpm
4. Temperature: 100-180 °C
5. Pressure: -950 mbar up to 1 bar

Solution and Benefits

Our customer always guarantees the best quality for each individual machine component. Their specialist teams and Garlock determined together the best solution for the technical requirements of their mixing and processing machines. PS-SEAL®, single lip in GYLON® Blue with a static sealing element GYLON® Blue fulfilled all requirements and was implemented in their mixers. GYLON® Blue and the specific design of the housing, combined with the excellent resistance to the media at the end convinced the customer strongly. They removed all previous solutions from the product range and set Garlock exclusively in their specs.

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