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A comparison to the conventional PTFE gasketing production process shows the difference. PTFE – PolyTetraFluoroEthylene – is an unbranched, linear, semi-crystalline polymer of fluorine and carbon. Due to its chemical inertness, PTFE is used as a coating where aggressive chemicals occur in industry. Virgin PTFE has many advantages. Some of them are exceptional chemical resistance, wide temperature range, lowest friction coefficient, low surface energy, non-stick surface properties, no embrittlement of aging and excellent electrical and dielectrical properties. But it also has several disadvantages. It is very soft and has the tendency to cold flow. PTFE is also called “dead” material because, when compressed, it remains in this state. It is also fragile and surfaces must be smooth and hard. GYLON® offers a good possibility to use the advantages of PTFE, but due to its production process to eliminate the typical disadvantages – and even to improve the material. GYLON® is a modified and restructured PTFE.



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GYLON EPIX® – trusted material. Made from the same PTFE material as standard GYLON® products it eliminates the need for most customers to qualify the new GYLON EPIX® products.

Conformity & Certificates

In order to meet the requirements of special applications, we have subjected our materials and our GYLON® to special tests. Detailed records on the tests listed below are available upon request.


GYLON EPIX​® Approvals & Certifications:

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GYLON EPIX​® DIN EN 13555 characteristics:

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Patented hexagonal profile – an innovative surface design

The innovative GYLON EPIX® provides superior functional performance by combining the traditional attributes of GYLON® with an innovative surface design. It offers a broader range of applications than traditional PTFE gaskets. GYLON EPIX® delivers the sealing and load retention properties of 1/16” and the conformability of 1/8”. The hexagonal profile provides improved compressibility and recovery. The profiled surface reduces the contact area during initial compression to concentrate the compressive force and to generate high-density-zones within the material, for improved sealability.

Designed for increased compressibility, GYLON EPIX® improves performance in misaligned flanges. The consolidation of two thicknesses to one reduces the need to inventory multiple thicknesses. Doing so, GYLON EPIX® also reduces time and effort to upheld and re-work plant standards and piping class calculations.


Traditional restructured PTFE


GYLON EPIX® and a traditional full face gasket were installed in a 3”-150# flat face flange at 120 ft.lbs. with pressure sensitive film. The film revealed that the traditional material saw heavier loading near and around the bolts, and lighter loading at the points furthest from the bolts. The GYLON EPIX® was able to distribute the load more evenly and prevent the low loading phenomenon.

Traditional restructured PTFE


The pressure sensitive film was then analyzed with special software that translate the various shades of red into a full color spectrum that
provides a better visualization of the stresses that were developed on each of the gaskets. Again, while the traditional gasket saw areas of lower stress (green and blue areas), the hexagonal pattern in the GYLON EPIX® concentrated and distributed the stress more evenly across the entire gasket.

Experts & Services

The Garlock family of GYLON® products has evolved over the years with a focus on quality to meet and exceed customer expectations. The use of Employee Involvement, Statistical Process Control, Vendor Assurance Programs, and a continuous improvement philosophy continues to guarantee end users the highest quality products available. Testing is performed regularly on all styles and thicknesses to ensure the consistency of Garlock quality in GYLON® sheets. Quality products, years of experience and value-added service programs, all are reasons why the GYLON® family of products has become such a major sealing component in the industry today.

Our experts are application engineers as well as sales engineers. All are highly trained and can discuss and debate the requirements of your applications with you professionally and expertly and advise you on the way to the best fitting sealing solution.


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