Case Study

Petrochemical Plant




Large Petrochemical Plant. Applications are stainless steel PN 25 flanges on a nitrogen monoxide compressor and a nitric acid in tank farm pipe system.


The customer is a maker of petrochemical feed-stocks used in the manufacture of plastics, rubber, fibers, solvents, detergents, fertilizers and paints.

Challenges faced

The customer had been using a silica filled PTFE, 2mm thick sheet gasket material. However, old and uneven flanges created leakage issues that the plant wanted to eliminate.

Flange sizes ranged from 25mm to 500mm (1” to 20”). The customer was open to trying new gasket technology to get rid of leaks in old and uneven flange connections.

Operating Conditions

1. Media: Nitrogen Monoxide and Nitric acid 68%
2. Temperature: 30°C to 90°C
3. Pressure: 25 bar-g (363 psig) maximum
4. Size: 100mm (4”) for first trials

Solution and Benefits

GYLON EPIX® Style 3501-E was installed. All installations are sealing well and new installations are continually added. Gasket sizes are being installed in pipe size ranging from DN25 (NPS 1”) to DN500 (NPS 20”). The plant personnel consider GYLON EPIX® a problem solver for old and uneven flanges.

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