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Chemical Manufacturer and Distributor. Applications are Flange connections at the load/unload station (4 stations). Flanges EN1092-1 Type 01, PN10-40, 316 TI stainless steel.


Loading stations are very critical in the chemical industry as flanges are disassembled and reassembled everyday.

Challenges faced

Due to the dangerous media being transported through the flanges there is a high risk of incidents and human harm, making it necessary for the gaskets to only be used once. For this reason the customer was looking to evaluate a solution that was more adaptable than the current gaskets being used.

Operating Conditions

1. Media: Sulfuric Acid (Oleum) with a concentration of 94%
2. Temperature: Ambient outdoor temperature
3. Pressure: 2 bar / 29 psig

Solution and Benefits

GYLON EPIX® Style 3504 PTFE gasket with Aluminosilicate Microspheres is specifically designed for use in applications where many acids and caustics are present, making it the ideal solution in the loading stations.

GYLON EPIX® 3504 performed exceptionally during the 110 day evaluation allowing the customer to continue use with confidence.

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